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Learn to be your own advocate

This site was designed by injured workers that have learned how to prevent WCB's injustices. It has been discovered by many claimants that WCB refuses to follow their own policies and legislation in their decision making. However, they will follow policy when it's to their advantage!

It is very important that injured workers are aware of their rights and policies and have a guide to follow to help become stronger advocates for themselves in the management of their claims. Unfortunately being injured means you basically need to become your own lawyer or claims manager. You need to know as you go through the stages of recovery what your rights are and what the next steps are as you manage your claim.  

If you can learn details of your claim, and the policies applied by WCB management, you will become successful in learning how to play this game! There is no reason for you to shell out thousands of dollars to these unscrupulous consultants. Remember, most have all worked at WCB!  

This website helps provide FREE information to injured workers as they manage their claim and become stronger advocates for themselves. On this website you will find information on claim processes from injured workers experiences through each step of their claim. There is also a forum set up where you can ask questions related to these processes to assist you with your claim. 

Every color circle on the site logo represents a stage in claim processes. You can navigate through each of these stages by clicking on "MORE" at the top of this page. 

“I cannot even express how large of an undertaking it is to go through all of these steps if they are not followed properly and many people just give up. I can't even start to think how different family’s lives would be if we had information and support like this available.” 

Author –Injured workers spouse.

Where to start

WCB policy defines an injury based on Sec. 24 of the Worker’s Compensation Act (WCA), and states that “compensation is payable to a worker who suffers personal injury by an accident that may be either physical or psychological”. It also states that this “may be the immediate result of an accident or develop over time”.   

This is important because there are a lot of high stress jobs that can affect a person mentally, and they are taken off work by their doctor and put on stress leave. Have your doctor send you to a psychiatrist immediately because anyone who has dealt with WCB knows they have their own psychologist’s assessing psychological injuries. I myself was sent to theirs psychologist and was diagnosed with adjustment disorder, which I discovered after talking to many other workers, is a common diagnosis for injured workers. Psychiatrist’s out rank WCB’s psychologist! An example of injuries developing overtime can be the result of performing strenuous work for a long period of time on a specific part of the body. Back sprains and strains are prime examples. However, WCB’s medical staff and policies are very good at denying these claims and burying serious injuries. Have your doctor send you to a specialist as soon as possible. When WCB receives a claim of this type, you are immediately sent to one of their doctors.

Each stage provides pertinent information needed in order to understand how policy may affect decisions made on your claim. For example, If a worker has been sent back to work on modified duties, there is sections of the policy that state certain steps need to be taken with your situation and employer.

Every claim will vary in circumstances, so it is important to familiarize yourself with how WCB operates. Knowledge and a strong voice are the best tools you will ever have! The ultimate goal is to learn how to be a stronger and independent advocate for yourself! 


Myself and many others have discovered there is a lot of valuable information that may be needed to help you with your claim that is somewhat hidden on their site.

The policy does not show all of the sections. You can do a search on their site to find info that may not be readily available. For example, Housekeeping allowance or Return to Work Services that isn't listed in policy.

WCB's website has a lot of needed info on it. You just need to search and read! :)